A GAME OF FRAUDS: British Public Fear Of ‘Labour Vote Fraud Epidemic’ Turns To Anger

IT seems that the Ballot Burglar’s are once again at the gates, as justified concerns held by anxious voters are now beginning to morph into anger.

Numerous allegations and reports of electoral fraud have engulfed the nation, with a blind eye being turned to the Peterborough Scandal, a lack of coverage from the mainstream press, and inaction from the Police, Government, and the Electoral Commission leaving many to predict the worst – a devious socialist takeover.

The battle for the ‘iron throne’ – the role of Prime Minister and control of the Kingdom is well underway, yet today – following a string of incidents often involving the signing-up of students for two postal votes in order to vote twice (illegally) for the Labour Party – Plymouth University has been caught with its hand deep inside the till of democracy – signing-up droves of students for votes… without many of them even knowing!

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Labour’s Luke Pollard won the marginal seat under highly suspicious circumstances.

Hundreds of students and under-18s have been registered to vote without their consent following what the Council have said are due to ‘admin errors’.

But VoteWatch has reported in recent months of exactly the same incident occurring in Plymouth before, although on an even larger scale – with THOUSANDS of students alleged to have been signed-up to vote without their knowledge, and many of them not legally entitled to vote yet then given a decision in what became an inevitable victory for the Labour candidate in the last election. Meanwhile, luckily for the Council and for the left-wing University, the odd yet evidently useful glitch in their system which instantly and illegally sends thousands of people postal votes without their consent, conveniently only takes place during elections or every four years – similar, if you will, to leap years.

This ‘glitch’ has never been properly investigated by the Police nor Electoral Commission, and today, flat-frined red rosette-wearing tofu-scoffers in Plymouth will be proposing to their vegan boyfriends in their droves.

Image result for peterborough tariq mahmood
Ballot Burglar Tariq Mahmood snapped acting as an official Labour election agent outside a polling station in Peterborough – despite Labour claiming he wasn’t there.

Nor has anyone been punished for thousands of postal votes simply ‘disappearing’ in another recent election in Plymouth, as reported by VoteWatch, and in which Labour once again won the Parliamentary seat under highly suspicious yet frustratingly wholly unchallenged circumstances.

Plymouth City Council has since tried to bumble out a reason, yet found itself digging an even deeper hole after saying that it meant 635 students were registered by mistake and another 247 who are unable to vote were sent polling cards.

Image result for Tariq Mahmood Lisa Forbes
Mahmood in one of many photos with Jeremy Corbyn, Lisa Forbes, and Pboro Labour leader Shaz Nawaz, who was caught using the vote-rigging to help run his election office and successful local election campaigns.

Tagging errors the Council said, originating in May, had caused both students and young people to be automatically added to the register. But this – simply put – is not true. As previously reported, the ‘errors’/potential yet as of yet alleged acts of electoral fraud being covered-up by the Plymouth Council and alleged to be executed by the Labour Party, have been happening for far longer than from June of this year.

Following the allegations of the registration of voters without their knowledge – which is illegal – Tory party chairman, James Cleverly has called on the Electoral Commission to launch a probe into the matter.

“This raises extremely serious questions about the integrity of our system and apparent lack of checks and balances to ensure those registering to vote are doing so of their own accord” he said.

“I am calling on the authorities to launch a full investigation into this immediately.

“Democracy begins and ends with trust in our electoral system.

“It is vital that we get to the bottom of these very concerning allegations before that trust is eroded any further.”

James Cleverly has hit out at the Labour Party amid the factcheckUK Twitter row
Tory MP James Cleverly has called for the Electoral Commission to launch an immediate investigation.

Tory MP, David Morris, who looked into voter registration that there are “irregularities going on all over university towns”.

Moreover, one parent from Luton revealed: “My daughter is at uni in London, never registered at her uni address but surprise surprise got a polling card delivered as well as one at our home address.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. Her uni is in Hendon, which has a slim Conservative majority of only a 1,000, strange that.”

Areas with universities are often associated with voting for left-wing parties and in the 2017 election, 60 percent of those aged between 18-24 voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s party and therefore it is feared among Tories that younger voters may vote overwhelmingly for Labour once again.

Convicted fraudster Mahmood is expected to continue working on the Labour campaign.

The new epidemic comes shortly after the Peterborough Scandal in which Labour MP’s Fiona Onasanya and Lisa Forbes, along with a majority of local Peterborough Labour Councillors were exposed as having used a convicted vote-rigger on their election campaigns.

To date, the Electoral Commission – the same remain-riddled commission that once refused to investigate Tower Hamlets and stated that no vote fraud had occurred there – has refused to carry out an investigation into the Peterborough By-Election, the wealth of evidence, and the fact that CCTV footage from a polling station linked to the convicted ballot-burglar Tariq Mahmood was destroyed in an alleged cover-up.

Concerns have only heightened under the revelation that millions who couldn’t vote during the last General Election and millions during the 2016 Referendum, are now of voting age and have been heavily indoctrinated by left-wing University groups and lecturers, by the Labour Party, and by extreme socialists who are also anti-Brexit.

REMAINER RIDDLED: The Electoral Commission has come under heavy and justified criticism for its frequent refusal to investigate electoral fraud yet haste to raid the Brexit Party Head Office on the back of a false rumour.

The exposing of dubious characters and convicted fraudsters working at the heart of local constituency Labour campaigns has also further fueled the flames of anger and worry.

With a potential vote fraud epidemic, a likely split of the leave vote, and a general rise of the far-left in Britain, many are wondering if this country is heading blindly towards a long and perilous red winter.

Pressure is now firmly on the Police and the electoral commission to fulfill their very purpose for existing and carry out a full, ruthless investigation into the serious allegations of electoral fraud being carried-out for a left-wing marxist/socialist takeover of the United Kingdom.

VoteWatch will be exposing electoral fraud throughout this General Election to make sure that no socialist-driven fraud passes without being exposed and investigated. We will continue to put pressure on the government to take action, for the media to cover fairly, and to provide what no other outlet or organisation is currently providing – the truth. Our campaign will be focusing heavily on the ‘Rotten Borough’ of Peterborough, as Nigel Farage once put it, with polling station observers, body cameras, and a ruthless campaign to remove Lisa Forbes from office. We will also be using our associated volunteers and reporters in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland (and now in glorious Wales) to give you all of the latest scandals, updates and exclusives.

To support VoteWatch’s crucial work, please sign-up to our Patreon account or make a small donation via paypal: Thank you.

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