A WELL-DESERVED RETIREMENT?: Farage Declares Faith In Boris’ Government – States After Brexit “You’ll Never, EVER See Me Again”

ACCEPTING an award from The Spectator magazine, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced that should Boris Johnson’s government gets Brexit done ‘You’ll never, ever see me again’.

Being honoured as the ‘Disruptor of the decade’ at the popular magazine’s annual Parliamentarian of the year awards, the chief Brexit campaigner and MEP said “We won. We’re leaving the European Union in 9 days times, we’ve got a great bright future ahead of us”.

“Unless this government drops the ball like the last one did – and I don’t think they’re going to – then the really good news is that you’ll never ever see me again”.

The statement – while made with a smile – still raises questions over the future of the Brexit Party, which is to be renamed The Reform Party following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on the 31st January.

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