ANTI-BREXIT Journalists Blocked From Press Meeting – Biased Remainers Told To LEAVE No.10

JOURNALISTS whose newspapers have continuously downplayed Britain and helped contribute to Brexit frustrations were bluntly banned from a Downing Street briefing on Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans.

An invitation sent out by Number 10 offered a “technical background briefing” on the PM’s plans to negotiate a Canadian-style free trade agreement with the EU by the end of the year.

Image result for Dominic Cummings Lee Cain"
Director of Comms, Lee Cain, rightly exercised No.10’s right to “brief whoever we want”.

Yet when political correspondents arrived inside Number 10, their names and employers were requested before the journalists were told to stand in two groups on opposite sides of the entrance hall.

In an Xfactor auditions-style scene, Director of communications Lee Cain then invited those on one side to enter and told those on the other that they had to leave.

Those on the side asked to leave had been sent by left-wing anti-Brexit newspapers such as the Independent and Guardian – both key propagandists in the war against democracy and the fierce effort to downplay Britain – an effort that has contributed towards economical uncertainty and a rise in political turmoil.

Asked to explain why Downing Street was denying access to some publications, Cain replied: “We are welcome to brief whoever we want whenever we want.”

The move has sparked anger among left-wing journalists – oddly surprised that their persistent bias and fear-mongering has now led to them being banned from having access to Downing street and the opportunity to further skew facts and misrepresent Britain’s departure from the European Union.

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