ARRON Banks’ Leaked Messages FAKED By Deceitful Remainers

WHILE hypocritical remoaners have openly condemned hacks against the Labour Party’s official website, those same people are now hailing the illegal hacking and release of sensitive emails from Arron Banks’ Twitter account – despite them being believed to have been faked.

Although some of the messages appear to be genuine, inoffensive correspondence between the Brexit donor and some of his associates, one of them currently doing the rounds on social media has been shown to be a fake intended to stir-up further division and to act as a misleading piece of anti Tory/anti Brexit Party propaganda for the upcoming General Election.


In one of the ‘leaked messages’. Banks is seen to be communicating with Tory Brexiteer Dominic Raab, in which Banks is shown to be referring to Northern voters as ‘Northen monkeys’. Sadly for die-hard remainers, however, this exchange DID NOT HAPPEN, appears nowhere in the initial leaked document, has inconsistent timestamps, and was photoshopped and released on social media after the leak occurred.

Left-leaning Twitter has also come under fire for irresponsibly, and perhaps intentionally, failing to suppress the leaks or to secure Banks’ account, which has now been suspended.

VoteWatch will provide updates as the story develops.

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