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BREAKING: Hoyle Announces New Transparency Measures To Ensure Speaker Role Sees No Repeat Of Biased Bercow

IN an announcement applauded in the House of Commons, Speaker Lyndsay Hoyle laid out new measures to ensure that he and future speakers remain impartial and transparent.

The long overdue measures are designed to ensure that he and future Speakers are not allowed to follow in the footsteps of despised John Bercow, who is accused of endlessly making decisions that compromised his neutrality and undermined democracy.

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New Speaker Lyndsay Hoyle made the announcement at the end of today’s PMQs.

At the end of today’s PMQ’s, Hoyle announced that “as Speaker of the House, I am committed to transparency but I am mindful that the frank advice must be protected confidentially.”

Hoyle then explained that he had written to the Clerk of the House to announce a new procedure which was modelled on the “power of accounting officers.”

The new procedure will apply if the Speaker makes a decision which the Clerk of the House views as a “substantial breach of the Standing Orders or a departure from long-established conventions without appropriate authorisation from the House itself.”

In this instance, the Clerk of the House will now have the power to announce his views in a statement which he can leave in the Commons Library. Hoyle announced that he would always inform the House when this occurs.

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Bercow was infamous for abusing his powers in an effort to push his own political ideology.

In January 2019, John Bercow cemented his reputation as an arrogant abuser of power by allowing MPs to vote on an amendment to a government business motion. This was swiftly followed by Mr Bercow refusing to allow the government to bring the withdrawal agreement back for the third time, citing a convention from 1604.

Most controversially, in April, and in September 2019, Bercow also allowed MPs to use Standing Order 24 to seize control of the parliamentary order paper, subsequently forcing Theresa May to ask for an extension from the EU.

Mr Bercow long denied any impartiality – yet since resigning from the position before he was pushed, has smugly declared himself to be a staunch remain supporter,.

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