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BREAKING: Iran Begins BULLDOZING Crash Site After Claiming Black Box Is ‘Damaged’ And ‘Part Of Memory Is Lost’ – Officials Now Fear A COVER-UP

JUST days after 176 passengers of a civilian plane horrifically lost their lives in Iran (allegedly at the hands of the terrorist-aligned Iranian Government), bulldozers have been spotted clearing debris.

The shocking disregard for forensics and maintaining any vital evidence comes at the same time that the extremist regime also conveniently announced that the black box – a device that records a plane’s journey and collects crucial data – had been found ‘damaged’.

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Boris Johnson has already this week spoken to the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani during a tense 20 minute telephone conversation.

Iranian officials have also stated that some of the information on the black box had been wiped – moments after world leaders began to reveal that intelligence proved the plane to have been shot down.

Within moments of the tragic incident Iran released a statement claiming that the crash had been caused by a technical failure. However this – along with many news reports coming out of Iran’s strictly controlled media – has also come under scrutiny, including by aviation specialists who have questioned how a conclusion could have been reached so swiftly and without a full inspection.

Iran is also well-known for spreading fake news and propaganda to support state ideology – even in recent days lying to its citizens about the missile attack on an American base in Iraq.

US officials, Boris Johnson, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have now all publicly said that it is highly likely an Iranian missile shot down the jet just minutes after take-off.

Bulldozers at crash site of Ukranian International Airlines plane shot down outside the Iranian capital of Tehran
Scenes from the crash site show bulldozers moving onto the scene, while rumours began to spread that ‘scavengers’ had also paid a visit to the wreckage.

Concerns are mounting that the bulldozers (which usually would not be used at a crime scene until after all evidence has been collected and analysed) are being used to quickly destroy and cover-up crucial evidence in the investigation.

When asked by Sky News about video footage of bulldozers clearing the site, Iran’s ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad dismissed the claims as ‘absurd’, saying: ‘Are we in fact relying on the reporters to have judgement about a very technical issue?” ‘Plane accidents are a very technical issue. I cannot judge. You cannot judge. Reporters on the ground cannot judge.

Search and rescue works are conducted at the site after a Boeing 737 plane belonging to a Ukrainian airline crashed near Imam Khomeini Airport in Iran just after takeoff with 180 passengers on board Ukraine International Airlines plane crashes in Tehran
A bulldozer hauls away a piece of the wreckage.

‘Nobody can judge. A foreign minister or a prime minister cannot judge on the issue. The experts are the people who can go and find the black box and the hard evidence on the ground.’

Iranian authorities continue to refuse to hand over the black box to either Boeing or the US; insisting that it will carry-out the probe itself.

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