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COVENTRY Counters ‘Put Tory Votes Into LABOUR Pile’ On Election Day After ‘Votes Stolen At Polling Stations’ – MP’s Tiny 400 Majority Now Under Suspicion

A BUNCH of Tory votes were allegedly intentionally placed into a pile so that they would count towards the Labour candidate, in a closely-fought constituency where just a few hundred votes decided the result.

Coventry, a constituency that in recent years has been highlighted as an ‘electoral fraud hotspot‘, joined the endless list of cities across the UK to be blighted by cries of foul play this General Election, with numerous voters reporting that they discovered their votes had already been used upon arriving at polling stations, and the election count itself being mired in suspicion and controversy.

The incident is understood to have been ‘dealt with on the night’, however VoteWatch is far from happy with this attitude and is continuing to pressure the relevant authorities to take action and to reveal exactly what took place.

The end result for Coventry South was blisteringly close, with Labour’s Zarah Sultana winning the seat by under 400 votes.

Sultana recently found herself in hot water for publicly stating that she would celebrate the death of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Image result for zarah sultana election result win
Labour MP Zarah Sultana attends the count.

On polling day, VoteWatch received a flurry of complaints from angry and concerned voters who reported to have arrived at their local polling stations to find that someone else had used their vote. Coventry South was among them. So far, these reports have not been investigated by the Police force or local council, and VoteWatch will continue to put pressure on both to provide answers and to take immediate action.

With alleged widespread voter impersonation and the tiniest of margins, we believe that this result in particularly should be thoroughly investigated and, if necessary, for the election itself to be re-run in the constituency of Coventry South.

VoteWatch will update when more information becomes available.

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