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ELECTORAL Commission Contacted After Senior Plaid Cymru Staffer Caught Red Handed – MP’s Advisor ‘Pretended To Represent Rival Party In Bid To Dupe Public’

IN an alleged breach of electoral law, a senior Plaid Cymru staffer, County Councillor, and advisor to MP Jonathan Edwards, created two fake social media profiles to misrepresent a new rival political party.

Shortly after announcing the founding of the Welsh National Party, independent Assembly Member Neil McEvoy was forced to take to Twitter after spotting a sly plot by rival Plaid Cymru to spread disinformation and trick voters into believing that any future posts on two accounts on social media were officially connected to the WNP – despite them being run by a Plaid Cymru staffer.

Cllr Carl Harris set up the Facebook accounts following the announcement of the formation of a new rival party.

Following his announcement that the new party is to launch in April being covered by both local and national news outlets, two Facebook groups were quickly set up – ‘Welsh National Party’ and ‘Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru/Welsh National Party.

But upon closer inspection, McEvoy realised that the admin for each group was listed as Carl J. Harris – a Plaid Cymru County Councillor and senior advisor to MP Jonathan Edwards.

Harris lists himself as a senior advisor to MP Jonathan Edwards and to AM Adam Price – both Plaid Cymru colleagues.

Speaking to VoteWatch, Neil McEvoy – whose new party sets itself to be a much needed alternative to Labour and Plaid Cymru in Wales – said: “In a week when Welsh Government policy is closing A&E departments and Wales is being completely overlooked on HS2 spend, one of Plaid Cymru’s most senior staff members is spending his time setting up fake Facebook accounts.

“This is why voters are turning away from Plaid Cymru in their droves. Plaid clearly see the Welsh National Party as a major threat because we actually focus on what matters to our nation”.

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