EXCLUSIVE: Voters In Welsh LABOUR constituency Fear RIGGED Election After Postal Votes Sent With Unsealable Envelopes – Police ‘Investigating’

A GROWING number of angered and concerned voters have come forward to report a suspicious slit that seems to have been intentionally placed on the envelopes that accompanied their postal votes.

Postal votes are always to be returned in sealed envelopes and only opened by officials at the count. However, the slits – which in all cases run along an entire side of the envelope – mean that their postal votes could easily be removed or tampered with.

One resident shows us his suspicious postal vote, claiming that “the majority of PV in Caerphilly have beeN sent postal votes like ours”.

One recipient of the dodgy postal vote, Sarah from Caerphilly, said: “I am so annoyed as both mine and my son’s [postal votes] were not sealed on the right-hand side.”

Sarah is also concerned that her vote might now be invalidated.

“We’ve been pushing youngsters to vote but to look into different parties as a few I have spoken to just vote for who their parents have voted for. I’m very annoyed if my vote is rejected due to it being issued in that state before I could vote”.

Rob, another resident of Caerphilly – a Labour stronghold – also received the suspect vote and has reported the incident to the police.

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Labour’s David Wayne has been Caerphilly’s MP since 2001.

“We all received our postal ballots” he told VoteWatch. “When you fill it in you get another envelope you seal when you put an x on the ballot. But when I put mine in the envelope and took the strip off the sticky bit and sealed it, my ballot fell out the side. I checked my wife’s and hers was the same, my daughters and her boyfriend’s too. I put it on Facebook and loads of people in my area had the same.”

“I am convinced that the only reason Labour manage to win is through fraud” he added. “You talk to people on the street here and they hate Labour but yet they manage to get in every time.”

VoteWatch will be looking closely into the suspected postal vote fraud attempt in Caerphilly and in other areas and will update this article. If you have received a suspicious postal vote, please get in touch via email: admin@vote-watch.co.uk.

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