GINA MILLER’S Anti-Brexit Barrister Admits Spreading FAKE NEWS On Banks

RICH remainer Barrister Jo Maugham was left discredited and humiliated after being forced to admit that he had shared fake messages wrongly attributed to Brexit donor Arron Banks.

Maugham QC, the anti-Brexit lawyer who helped coordinate the legal challenge against Boris’ prorogation of Parliament through his pro-remain Good Law Project, and who supports Gina Miller, shared the messages on his controversial Twitter account.

Banks’ Twitter account has since been suspended following the hack.

One of the messages in question had been faked to make it appear as though Banks had been in a conversation with MP Dominic Raab, in which he referred to Northern voters as ‘Northern Monkeys’.

As VoteWatch has revealed, that message was an easily-detected fabrication, and one of which Maugham should have quickly recognised as such.

Yet instead of checking the source or scrutinising the messages, the barrister – who has long-helped democracy-denying fat cat Gina Miller in her many legal challenges to stop Brexit, and who has helped her lie to the public in stating that said challenges were not ‘anti-Brexit’ – helped to promote the tweets; sharing them on his Twitter account and even subtly encouraging remainers to share them – despite acknowledging that it might be illegal to do so.

After the messages were revealed to have been a hoax following a genuine illegal hack on Banks’ Twitter account, the pro-remain barrister was forced to issue a weak apology.

Maugham has failed to delete the tweet in which he encourages members of the public to risk breaking the law.

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