IGNORE The Left-Wing Twitter Trolls – Our Queen Is Very Much ALIVE

TWITTER descended into a vile left-wing orgy of anti-monarchist sentiment tonight after the false claim that Her Majesty had passed away went viral.

Firstly, it is important to clear one (obvious) thing up: Queen Elizabeth has NOT died. This has since thankfully been confirmed by Charlie Proctor, Editor of Royal Central:

Yet that little nugget of truth didn’t prevent Twitter users flooding the social media platform in their thousands to post insensitive and vile jokes about her death and even celebratory messages.

The Queen, who along with the Royal Family has contributed overwhelmingly to the prosperity of the United Kingdom, was also mocked by left-wing anti-monarchists.

Meanwhile, some Labour supporters were celebrating the fake news whilst also exploiting the event to promote links to the official Labour campaign donation website – often accompanied by disgusting slurs.

At around 10.30pm, Queen Elizabeth was trending on Twitter, followed by The Queen, and then, at around eleven, the hashtag #PrinceCharles – whereby Twitter users began making jokes about the future King ‘celebrating’ his own mother’s death.

Naturally, the Palace hasn’t issued any formal rebuttal to the claim, nor is it expected to.

Meanwhile, Her Majesty is believed to be enjoying a peaceful night’s rest in anticipation of her engagement on Tuesday where she will host President Trump and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace for a NATO reception, whilst helping to strengthen the UK and US’ special relationship.

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