ISLINGTON NORTH HAS FALLEN: Commie Candidates Rejected In Corbyn’s Patch As Labour Branch Nominates Starmer – Momentum Left Fuming

IN a result that has raised a few eyebrows among socialists, Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency branch have selected Keir Starmer as the candidate they wish to be the next Labour leader – snubbing far-left Corbynistas such as favourite Rebecca Long-Bailey.

The Islington North CLP (Constituency Labour Party) also nominated Angela Rayner for Deputy leader.

Within moments of the results being announced, far-left Labour supporters went into melt-down – taking to social media to vent their anger at Labour’s apparent gradual change of course to a more sensible form of politics absent under the current leadership.

Momentum, who are backing Long-Bailey in the leadership race, have so far not released an official statement in reaction to the unexpected result – however the rants from their supporters and representatives appear to be far from over.

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