LABOUR GE Candidate Wasting THOUSANDS Of Taxpayers Money Having Police Investigate ‘Assault’ After Being Tapped On Head…With Rolled-Up Piece Of PAPER!

POLICE are currently having their time and resources wasted by an extreme leftwing Labour Councillor from Peterborough who has hysterically accused a Tory of ‘assaulting’ him with a rolled-up piece of paper – bringing a fresh spin on the term ‘shaking under the sheets’.

In what is sure to go down in history as the Great Attack of the A4, Long-serving Labour councillor Ed Murphy pathetically contacted the police force – who are already seeing their time and resources stretched – after alleging to have been ‘assaulted’ by popular Tory Councillor David Seaton with the papyrus-based weapon of mass destruction.

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Ed Murphy (centre) has previously called leave voters ‘uneducated’.

Murphy – who was recently exposed for supporting electoral fraudsters and who claimed live on BBC radio that leave voters are ‘uneducated’ – is renowned in the City for his bizarre behaviour and alleged alcoholism.

Peterborough Police (that houses a Labour-associated union office at their local station) have confirmed they are currently investigating the lightweight/paperweight champion’s immature accusation. It is the same police force that failed to arrest or even bother to question convicted ballot burglar Tariq Mahmood after it was revealed that he had illegally entered a count room during the Peterborough By-Election and is believed to have engaged in mass postal vote fraud (again).

Cllr Murphy has defended Mahmood, as well as continuing to support crooked MP Fiona Onasanya despite her being caught-out lying in a court room after breaking the law and being sent to jail.

Ed Murphy has worked alongside Mahmood and supported Labour MP Fiona Onasanya – even after her imprisonment.

The alleged ‘assault’ took place when both men were in the public gallery at the council’s Town Hall – home to an administration currently being condemned for its mishandling of the Peterborough postal fraud scandal and for allowing vote fraud – where they were listening to the debate on a local issue regarding social housing.

Hysterical Cllr Murphy who is currently standing as the Parliamentary candidate for North West Cambridgeshire said: “I was sitting in the public gallery listening to the meeting and Cllr Seaton came in and sat behind me.

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Weak-minded Murphy claims to have a bruise on the back of his head from the tame alleged incident he is currently milking – at the expense of the taxpayer.

“As the meeting progressed he kept barracking me from behind as I spoke, so I decided to move further away from him.

“When the agenda Item on the acquisition of housing for temporary accommodation came up Cllr Peter Hiller was addressing the meeting.

“I suddenly felt somebody hit me sharply on the back of my head from behind. I turned around and there was Cllr Seaton holding what appeared to be a rolled-up set of documents with which he had slapped me on the back of the head.

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Murphy’s reaction is reminiscent of a similar incident that saw a South African Linesman milk-to-death being ‘hit’ on the back of the head by a toilet roll.

“Before I could do or say anything Cllr Seaton quickly got up and left the chamber.

Murphy claims to now have a bruise on the back of his head as a result of the alleged public pulping, yet has not yet shown any evidence to back-up his claim.

“I decided to report the matter to the police as an assault” he said.

Cllr David Seaton has understandably fiercely denied the accusation, and many local residents have supported him, with people taking to social media to mock the Labour ‘victim’s’ claim.

Giving what is believed to be a more plausible account of , Seaton said: “I was sitting behind Cllr Murphy in the public gallery section when he repeatedly turned to me saying that it was my fault the prices being paid for houses by the council were far too high.

“I told him several times ‘shut up Ed, I can’t hear’ but he continued to barrack me again and again on the cost of houses for temporary accommodation saying that we (Peterborough City Council) were over-paying for them and that he felt there were all kinds of ‘dodgy dealing’ going on at the council.

Murphy has recently used the bizarre incident to try to get donations for his election campaign.

“Well, I’d had enough of it, I said to Cllr Murphy ‘you can’t keep blaming me like this, Ed. I’m sorry if that’s how you feel but I’ve had enough of your nonsense’, so I decided to leave.

“I most certainly didn’t hit him with anything over the back of his head and anybody who was there could see that I only had a very thin collection of papers with me at the time and that I left those on the desk when I walked out of the chamber.

VoteWatch advises all those affected by this story to avoid all paper products – particularly violent items such as tissues and wedding confetti. And with the state of politicians currently being a national embarrassment, we politely offer the trembly-knee’d Labour Councillor Ed Murphy the following advice in regards to his ongoing complaint with the police:


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