LABOUR MP Believes Union Jack Is ‘Xenophobic’

YET another Labour MP has been caught supporting anti-British sentiment – endorsing a tweet that referred to the UK’s great flag as ‘xenophobic’ and claiming that the nation has become ‘little Britain’.

Rupa Huq – member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton – liked the tweet and gave her approval yesterday in bizarre protest at the erection of Union Jacks outside Parliament.

The flags appeared in readiness for the Queen’s speech and for Britain’s imminent withdrawal from the European Union.

The remainer MP, who has joined her many colleagues in persistently attempting to thwart the will of the British public, has recently also been investigated for antisemitism.

Many other confused remainers hysterically shared her blinkered belief, tweeting distasteful and inaccurate comparisons to Nazi Germany and displaying their contempt for their Queen and country.

Passing the flags in her royal procession, the Queen then went on to deliver her speech in which she reiterated Boris Johnson’s commitment to leaving the EU on the 31st of October.

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