Peterborough Scandal

PBORO Labour MP Out Campaigning With Cllr She KNOWS Is Under Investigation For Openly Supporting Terrorism

A LABOUR Councillor currently under investigation for stating that Boris Johnson should commit suicide, that the Grenfell tragedy was caused by ‘right-wing’ arsonists, and who claimed in reference to ISIS and the IRA that terrorism ‘brings peace’, has been allowed to campaign with Lisa Forbes – despite her knowing of his warped ideology.

Forbes, who has previously used convicted paedophile Alan Palmer as her official election agent, was disgraced further in June 2016 after liking antisemitic tweets and then for knowingly using a convicted vote-rigger on her election campaign before being caught-out lying about it.

Yet the unpopular politician clearly hasn’t learned her lesson.

Posting on her Facebook campaign page, Forbes proudly tagged Alan Gasparutti and displayed a photograph of her out on the campaign trail in his close company.

Forbes posted the images on her campaign page on Facebook. Alan Gasparutti can be seen in the top photograph wearing sunglasses in rainy weather.

Several complaints have been made against Alan Gasparutti – a local Parish Councillor and a City Councillor candidate – including to local Labour leader Shaz Nawaz, Lisa Forbes herself, the Labour Party HQ, and the Peterborough City Council, which is now carrying out an investigation into whether the Councillor should be dismissed.

The evidence against Gasparutti – a man known locally as a divisive and spiteful character – is overwhelming, and consists mainly of screenshots taken from his own Facebook account.

In one of his many vile statements, Gasparutti disrespected the grieving family of a politician who had taken his own life, before stating that Boris Johnson should ‘have the decency’ to do the same.

In another comment, the staunch Corbyn supporter falsely claimed that a Peterborough Tory Councillor who sadly passed away due to long-term health issues had died due to local Tory policy regarding a housing issue – even lying that he had personally seen the autopsy report.

Going as far as to distastefully allude a comparison between the likes of Hamas and the IRA with the late Nelson Mandela, after being asked one final time to condemn terrorist acts against children, he stated that “terrorists have brought peace when given an opportunity”.

Gasparutti has also publicly attacked MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, falsely stating that he supports rape and paedophilia.

As she has with convicted fraudster Tariq Mahmood, Forbes has used Alan Gasparutti as a key campaigner on most of her election campaigns.

Lisa Forbes continues to intentionally surround herself with undesirable characters, including a Cllr linked to holocaust denial, a convicted ballot-burglar, and several Cllrs who intentionally lied about said convict’s role in the Peterborough By-Election.

VoteWatch’s complaint with Peterborough Council is still ongoing, with Gasparutti refusing to apologise for his statements. We will update as the story develops.

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