Peterborough Scandal

P’BORO VOTE SCANDAL: CCTV Footage DELETED To ‘Protect Fraudster’

FOLLOWING my investigation into the Peterborough Postal vote scandal that rocked the June by-election, further scandals have erupted – from a Council desperate to do anything not to lose face.

Over 13,000 postal votes were issued in the single by-election alone, with my revelation that a convicted ballot burglar, Tariq Mahmood, having worked heavily on Labour MP Lisa Forbes’ campaign leading to a legal challenge being launched.

Mahmood also accompanied Jeremy Corbyn during his trip to Peterborough and tour of what has been highlighted as an area at “high risk of electoral fraud”.

Initially, after being asked to hand over the 400 rejected postal votes for closer inspection and cross-reference checks, Peterborough City Council (currently in the red) immediately embarked on a bid to lie their way out of a sticky and potentially hugely costly investigation, stating that ALL of the postal votes had been destroyed.

Upon being reminded that this would be a breach of electoral and data protection laws however, the Council’s election team back-peddled, stating that in fact they DID have the postal votes, before handing the 400 over to The Brexit Party as requested.

Yet now, in another twist, and a highly suspicious move that has many – myself included – speculating that the Council are once again trying to ‘cover-up’ the fact that Labour’s Peterborough Party have been rigging elections in the city since Diane Abbott was able to count to ten (at around the age of 35), the council are now guilty of deleting vital evidence.

The vote-rigger also helped criminal MP Fiona Onsanya ‘win’ her seat by under 700 votes on the back-end of over 10,000 issued postal votes.

During the height of the media’s focus on the scandal, and the endless ways in which the numerous left-wing outlets did their utmost to wriggle out of having to report the truth, I exposed further evidence proving the involvement of Tariq Mahmood in helping to cheat The Brexit Party’s Mike Greene out of a well-deserved win – all included in the Brexit Party’s legal petition – and clearly showing that (contrary to the Labour Party and the City Council’s official stance that he wasn’t present inside the count room), Tariq Mahmood indeed WAS inside said count room – just as he has been present in the count room during almost every election since his time in the clink for committing mass postal vote fraud.

I also proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Mahmood has since been and continues to be a key campaigner and hired party agent in charge of helping to run both local and general elections and to ‘obtain’ votes from members of the public.

Among these images I pointed out the irony that the Police should also have failed to investigate the scandal and accepted that Mahmood had no involvement in the election – despite one of their officers being snapped just feet away from Tariq Mahmood who is clearly acting as a polling agent/teller outside a polling station in central Peterborough – an area that has long been plagued by electoral fraud.

Convicted ballot burglar Tariq Mahmood sits outside a polling station in one of his many cocky snapshots.

The polling station in question is Gladstone Park Community Centre – a large building in the middle of an area home to Peterborough’s large Pakistani community and that was managed by the the Pakistan Community Association of Peterborough that has seen endorsements from the likes of London Mayor and Sadiq Khan.

The PCA – whose members are overwhelmingly pro-Labour, with many directly connected to Labour’s local campaigning – is still heavily involved with the Community Centre. Among the PCA’s key members is also key Labour activist and convicted vote-rigger, Tariq Mahmood.

Sadiq Khan poses for a photo with leading members of the Pakistan Community Association in Peterborough. Among them, far-left, is Tariq Mahmood.

Upon the scandal of the Peterborough By-Election being officially opposed via an ongoing legal petition, CCTV footage for the various polling stations was requested so that suspicious activity could be highlighted – not least of all the possibility of Tariq Mahmood or one of his many vicious associates carrying a bag of postal votes to drop-off.

Naturally, the polling station that Tariq Mahmood was photographed sitting outside in a big Labour rosette was of interest. Therefore, the venue itself, the Gladstone Park Community Centre, was contacted and a request made to the Peterborough City Council, who now officially manage the site.

Yet of all the polling stations, miraculously, the only one unable to deliver was The Gladstone Park Community Centre – the very venue deeply connected with the local Labour Party and with Tariq Mahmood.

The excuse given – as though a repeat of the Epstein oddity – was that it had simply “been deleted”.

Forbes is well-connected with the Association and has relied on it and its members over several elections.

The biased electoral commission continue to refuse to investigate. This was to be expected. After all, this case IS coming from a pro-Brexit angle rather than an anti one).

The Police have also refused to investigate Tariq Mahmood’s involvement – unsurprising when you read the startling connections I exposed that exist between the Peterborough Police Force and the local Labour Party branch by clicking here.

The local newspaper, The Peterborough Telegraph, also refuses to report on the endless developments and clear cover-up tactics being employed by the local Council and by the Labour Party – solely because the reporters covering politics in Peterborough are also of anti-Brexit/pro-Labour sentiment.

The legal petition to challenge the validity of the result of the Peterborough By-Election is currently ongoing. VoteWatch will provide more updates and exclusives when they become available.

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