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PREDATOR?: Police Speak To 16-Year-Old Boy As Plot Thickens Over Disgraced SNP Politician

DEREK MACKAY – who is at the centre of an alleged grooming scandal in which he bombarded a young teenager with ‘predatory’ text messages – must have been extra anxious today, as Police finally interviewed the 16-year-old boy in question.

A mock-up of text messages allegedly exchanged between Derek Mackay and a 16-year-old boy, who said he was distressed by the messages
Mackay bombarded the teenager with hundreds of messages and offers.

Detectives have not ‘received any complaint of criminality’ but are ‘assessing available information’ in the wake of Thursday’s bombshell revelations the MSP bombarded the teenager 270 times on Facebook and Instagram.

The youngster had told the Scottish Sun: ‘I was happy to speak to the police and will tell them everything that happened.

‘I didn’t think what he was doing was a crime but I knew it was wrong and should be highlighted.’ 

Mr Mackay allegedly called the schoolboy ‘cute’ as well as offering to take him to a rugby game and out to dinner. 

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Mackay was pipped as a rising star set to potentially one day takeover from Nicola Sturgeon.

Mr Mackay has resigned from the Scottish government and been turfed out of the SNP.

He retains his seat in Holyrood, but is facing mounting calls to quit amid the backlash. 

Opposition politicians have condemned what they described as ‘predatory’ behaviour from Mr Mackay saying the messages amounted to ‘grooming’.

Mr Mackay, a father-of-two who came out as gay in 2013, has not been seen in public since the story broke on Wednesday night.

It was later reported that the Renfrewshire North and West MSP had also sent dozens of unwanted messages to an SNP activist over a period of four years.

Shaun Cameron, 25, told the Daily Record on Friday that the MSP contacted him on Facebook after meeting him at an SNP event when he was 21. 

He said some of the messages were ‘quite suggestive’ – alleging the then finance secretary had asked him in September 2017: ‘Got any naughty pics?’

Ms Sturgeon confirmed to MSPs at Holyrood on Thursday that she had accepted Mr Mackay’s resignation from Government – saying his behaviour had fallen ‘seriously below the standard required of a minister’.

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