THE MP CULLING CONTINUES: Remainer Antoinette Gets The Chop

SHE wanted to let the people eat cake; but in the end, ousted Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach realised that you can’t always have your cake and eat it.

Following Boris Johnson’s bold move in giving her the boot from the Tory Party, the Member of Parliament for Eddisbury has now been condemned by her own local branch from standing as an MP – as Tories across the country unite in giving their unequivocal backing and loyalty to the Prime Minister and his promise to deliver Brexit.

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Antoinette (walking behind Anna Soubry) is the most recent ‘traitor’ rebel MP to be punished.

Reports now in suggest that upon being hauled into a deselection meeting held by her local Conservative Association, among the decision-makers there was overwhelming demand for a new candidate as they all agreed with the Prime Minister that Antoinette – who fell from grace due to her arrogant or at the very least misguided belief in holding a second referendum and betraying the will of the British people – should face the final axe.

Antoinette Sandbach is appealing the withdrawal of the Tory whip, following the prime minister’s decision to remove it after she voted with opposition MPs to take control of the Commons order paper last month in a coup that sought to (in continuation of the past three-and-a-half year’s anti-democratic trend of remainer MPs seeking to thwart Brexit) do everything in its power to stop the democratic votes and voices of 17.4 million people from being listened to and implemented as a true democracy demands.

But Tory party members in her Eddisbury constituency in Cheshire wisely passed a vote of no confidence in her on Tuesday. The ballot was symbolic but will now almost certainly lead to formal deselection.

Sandbach was one of 21 Tory MPs to have the whip withdrawn last month. Their number also included the party grandees Ken Clarke and Sir Nicholas Soames, as well as the former cabinet ministers Philip Hammond,Justine Greening and Dominic Grieve.

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The MP was also a supporter of Theresa May.

Sir Oliver Letwin, Sam Gyimah and Rory Stewart also lost the whip; as did David Gauke, Margot James and Ed Vaizey, as No 10 moved against those who had voted against the new prime minister.

Antoinette’s former Conservative Association are now preparing to interview potential candidates to replace her.

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