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MUCH time has passed since I first exposed the shocking fact that the Labour Party employed the use of a convicted vote-rigger to help them in their overwhelmingly suspicious win in the Peterborough By-Election.

The delay in any form of resolution comes with great frustration, but also reinforces the necessity for a thorough and ruthless reformation of our failing electoral system.

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Lisa Forbes denied Tariq Mahmood worked with her on her campaign, yet was then exposed as having lied after it was revealed that he has worked closely with her and the Peterborough Labour team for many years and that she has even eaten at his family home.

I note with interest that this case – a case essentially centring around a PRO-Brexit Party being cheated out of a democratic win by an ANTI-Brexit Party – was forced to writhe in dither-inducing red tape, whilst endless legal challenges rooted in anti-democratic, anti-Brexit sentiment have since been processed quicker than Diane Abbot can count to six on one hand.

Yet that is another matter, and I’ll leave readers to draw their own conclusions regarding recent cases and issues resided over by unelected judges, quisling MPs, and organisations such as the electoral commission that have been proven to be harems for unchallenged remainer bias.

In June of this year, I spent much time and energy to expose that Tariq Mahmood – a despicable character previously imprisoned for committing serious acts of electoral fraud against members of the British public – was once again hired by the Labour Party to ‘help’ them win the election.

Mahmood (centre) was jailed alongside Labour Mayor Mohammed Choudhary and Maqbool Hussein.

A more detailed account of the scandal, along with swathes of evidence proving that Lisa Forbes and the Labour Party officially lied about Mahmood’s involvement can be found here.

Having worked to push the matter into the mainstream media, I also gave a very brief interview to The Sunday Times’ Rod Liddle, and a more comprehensive interview with David Vance of AltNewsMedia, which I encourage you to watch by clicking here.

As a result, and after the scandalous issuing of over 13,000 postal votes, Labour’s Lisa Forbes scraped a ‘win’ by under 700 votes – a crooked victory that echoed the similarly outrageous deposing of pro-Brexit Tory MP Stewart Jackson to Labour’s criminal Fiona Onasanya in 2017 by just 607 votes and the assistance of (you guessed it) Tariq Mahmood.

After placing pressure on the Brexit Party to launch an official legal challenge, I was then asked to assist the legal team appointed by the Party’s Chairman, Richard Tice, in supplying the wealth of evidence necessary to launch a legal challenge (otherwise known as a petition).

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Upon this petition being entered, Peterborough City Council’s election team was asked to provide the postal votes so that they could be inspected for further signs of fraud, and also to check for any connections to Tariq Mahmood (links between the ballot burglar, postal votes, and some of his tenants, has already raised concerns).

Curiously, the Council’s initial response was that the postal votes had been ‘destroyed’ – a lie that I personally believe was concocted to try to put to bed their endless blunders around electoral fraud and potentially their bias against The Brexit Party’s candidate, Mike Greene.

After being reminded that it would be illegal to have destroyed the postal votes so soon, the council reluctantly backtracked.

The 400 postal votes rejected on the grounds that the signatures and other details did not match those on record have now been supplied to the Brexit Party and are being examined and cross-referenced.

Image result for Ballot boxes peterborough
The Brexit Party’s Mike Greene received the most votes cast at polling stations, yet then the postal votes arrived.

I must state at this point however that it is imperative that ALL of the postal votes are checked, and I will be chasing this up with the Brexit Party to pressure them to request the postal votes in their entirity rather than relying on a mere 400.

I understand of course that this would be a mammoth task to undertake, consuming much time and effort. But is most certainly achievable.

Under electoral law, only a sample of postal votes are checked (around 20% in fact) for anomalies. This means that there is likely to be far more than the 400 (a curious rounded figure in itself) invalid/suspicious postal votes than has been reported.

Forbes was also snapped on several occasions with Mahmood – despite claiming not to know him.

In the meantime, while the postal votes are checked and the relevant investigations made, I continue (frustratingly) to act as the only journalist currently challenging the misleading narrative dished-out by an extraordinarily biased left-wing media that has intentionally sought to deceive the public into thinking that the case is now over – based upon the closing of five independent public claims of fraud that had nothing to do with the petition itself nor the weight of evidence contained within it.

I have also continued to lobby MPs and have been in correspondence with two Lords and a Baroness to push for electoral reform, for the introduction of voter ID, and a mass overhaul of the irresponsible and dangerous present handing-out of postal votes as though they were polos.

I am extremely pleased at the recent news that Boris Johnson’s government now intends to introduce voter ID and to take steps to crack down on postal vote fraud. Although there is much more to be done in this area, it is none-the-less a positive step forward to protecting our democracy, restoring the public’s trust and confidence in the electoral system; and I have been told by numerous sources that the widely-publicised Peterborough scandal helped to influence this move.

Image result for The Queen's Speech voter Id
The Queen’s Speech included the government’s new proposals that will help to secure your vote and restore confidence in the electoral process.

As always, I’ll be frank: The only people who oppose voter ID are those who either actively seek to rig our elections, who depend on those who do so, or who are regurgitating baseless lines from the Labour Party (who funnily-enough introduced voter ID in Northern Ireland in 2003 – to great success).

I encourage everyone reading this to openly challenge those whom they hear speaking against voter ID, and to engage in a civil, open debate, whilst reiterating the fact that the government’s proposals also include voters without ID being able to apply for a free one at their local council – with ID cards also being made available via CitzenCard (also for FREE).

Voter ID is in no shape or form ‘voter suppression’. Vote-RIGGING is a form of voter suppression, and yet you will hear little talk of it among socialists and those whose parties directly benefit from the erosion and undermining of democracy.

Myself and VoteWatch will continue to crack-on exposing the many ballot burglars and democracy-deniers within British society and lobbying for further reforms. We will soon also be releasing details of our election plan to ensure that all elections held in areas highlighted by Sir Eric Pickles’ report as being at high risk of vote fraud are properly observed and policed to root-out illegal practises that attack British democracy and place our nation’s future in peril.

Whilst continuing to promote a sensible public debate around the growing issue of culture-based electoral fraud and vote-rigging taking place predominantly within minority communities (as also highlighted in the Pickles Report), VoteWatch will continue to cover the Peterborough scandal and will provide further updates as soon as they become available.

If you would like to support VoteWatch’s important work, please help by signing-up to our Patreon and donating what you can by clicking HERE. Just £2 a month (cheaper than a cup of coffee) can greatly help towards our operating costs, help us further investigate the Labour Party’s corruption, and help to restore faith in British democracy. One-off donations can be made via PayPal: Thank you.

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