TWO More VoteWatch Branches Open – Statements From Branch Leaders

TWO more branches have opened to help protect democracy, promote fair elections, and report on electoral fraud. Below are the statements from our new Branch leaders for Manchester and Kirklees (an area highlighted by the Pickle’s Report as being at highest risk of vote-rigging).


“I am volunteering for VoteWatch because it is essential that elections are carried out without cheating by any parties” says Matt. Any criminal electoral fraud needs to be publicly exposed, stamped-out and punished, as it undermines our entire political system. 

Having an independent organisation such as VoteWatch is an important safeguard to help our democratic system being potentially compromised and in maintaining a healthy, robust local and national government. Democracy is central to our civilised, liberal society and without it we open the door to corruption, tyranny and breakdown of people’s trust in our government.

I look forward to working with other Votewatch volunteers in Greater Manchester to help ensure all candidates get a fair and equal chance of success in our future elections. Anyone in Manchester seeking to help Votewatch with the important work of overseeing elections in our area, please get in touch.”


“Democracy to me, means that I have an important say in the running of this country” says Angela. “It’s my way of showing my love and declaring myself British. My right to vote as a woman was won at great expense and loss of lives to others.  

In other countries where women do not have the same equality and rights, they would die to have the this right to vote. Knowing this it makes my vote so much more valuable and not to be taken for granted or to be stolen.

Abusing  the system means that I will eventually lose that right, and we must be vigilant to other people’s agendas. If I do not vote or if I allow others to steal my vote, then I have no say, and that unfit policies will be introduced and my culture destroyed. 

I have always thought it strange that voter ID has been ignored, and seen as an infringement of civil liberties and loss of human rights. This is nonsense! I am required to provide proof of ID if I’m picking up a letter or parcel  from  the post office.  Why then should I not be required to prove that the vote I am submitting is mine and only mine to give? Postal votes need limiting to the very sick and elderly and to British citizens alone; it should represent a minimal part of voting. One man, one vote. 

I feel passionate about stopping voter fraud and the corruption it brings. I have always, until recently believed in the integrity and faith in our democracy, but this faith has been shattered by the knowledge that political parties are prepare to lie and cheat thousand and millions of people out of their vote, and turn my beloved Great Britain into a third world country. Democracy needs to be fashioned in our goodness; it is there to represent the wishes of the people.  I believe that  EC is biased and not fit for purpose. We need electoral reform  and people of integrity to protect our voting system.”

Statements from VoteWatch’s new Branch leaders from Birmingham, Bradford, and various other cities across the UK will be out shortly.

If you would like to get involved, can leaflet or help organise events in your area, please contact, or to donate to our crowdfunder, please do so by clicking here.

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