VOTER FURY: Leave Constituents Outraged At Re-adoption Of REMAINER Tory MP – Local Tories Now Backing Farage

HUNTINGTON members of the Conservative Association have been left infuriated following remainer MP – despite local Tories overwhelmingly calling for him to be given the boot.

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Djanogly is one of a handful of MPs recently exposed for attempting to destroy democracy by thwarting Brexit.

Despite the fact that MPs are supposed to represent the will of their constituents in Parliament, MP Jonathan Djanogly (whose constituents voted to leave the European Union in 2016) has joined the many arrogant traitors such as Anna Soubry in tyrannically defying Huntington residents.

A campaign led by Leave.EU calling for all MPs who have betrayed their constituents and fellow countrymen led to several Parliamentary candidates being ditched. But seeing that their candidate would most likely not be voted back-in by local Brexit-supporting members, the Association undemocratically bypassed them by refusing to give them a say in matters – cancelling their vote and readopting the MP behind closed doors.

It is understood that many members have now made it clear that they will be backing the Brexit Party in Huntingdon to protest against the decision.

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