Peterborough Scandal

WATCH: P’boro Labour Pro-Hamas Thugs Attack “Dirty Jew” – TERRIFYING Video Emerges

A VIDEO showing a violent pro-terrorist mob in Peterborough has emerged in which local Pakistani men violently surround a citizen who attempted to peacefully question them on their ideology.

The previously unreported video – recorded just a few years ago by violent pro-Palestine Labour activist Amir Chowdry (still an active campaigner for Peterborough’s Labour branch) and recently passed on to VoteWatch by the victim – shows members of the local Muslim community carrying-out an aggressive protest in support of Palestine and proscribed terrorist organisation Hamas whilst verbally attacking a lone man and attempting to assault him.

MASKED THUGS: The extremists surrounded the victim and called for him to be attacked.

Bravely standing-up alone to the vile extremists, Iain McLaughlan, a respected local politician and campaigner, calmly and politely challenged the crowd’s bigoted views, but (in true fascist form) the unintelligent group chose to resort to violence and racism.

Furious united screams of “Scum”, “Drop him”, and “Dirty Jews” can be heard from the blood-thirsty yobs – some of them with young children in attendance – as Peterborough Police attempt to protect McLaughlan (who had been wrongly labelled by the anti-semitic rabble as a Jew) by threatening to defend against the baying crowd with pepper spray.

Hugely outnumbered, the Police are forced to retreat whilst protecting the victim with raised pepper sprays.

The shocking incident took place in broad daylight near the City’s Town Hall.

Members of the violent pro-terrorist crew square-up to Police officers and try to get past them to attack the man they had mistaken as being Jewish.

Peterborough – with a Muslim community almost double the national average – has become a hot bed for anti-semitism disguised in the form of pro-Palestine sentiment.

Some of the violent activist’s children fist bump as the vicious mob chase the victim and police out of the City centre amid chants of “Dirty Jew”.

In recent years, evidence was supplied to the Cambridgeshire Constabulary including screenshots of death threats sent to a local politician by Labour-supporting pro-terrorist activists living in the area. As with the above shocking incident, no arrests were made.

Peterborough’s Labour MP Lisa Forbes has since been exposed as having been an active member of an anti-semitic Peterborough Facebook group containing many of the violent activists who can be seen in the damning video, and received nationwide criticism for liking posts that referred to “Zionist slave masters”.

The Facebook group was also found to be riddled with anti-Israel conspiracy theories, including one relating to the leader of ISIS Al-Baghdadi that has since been discredited as anti-semitic propaganda.

Labour activists, elected Councillors, and candidates were also found to be active within the group, whose Peterborough-based supporters also promote events for proscribed terrorist organisation ‘Palestinian Islamic Jihad’.

Forbes was one of the signatories to a letter written to Labour’s NEC calling for her Party to not accept the IHRC’s definition in full, but rather to adopt a ‘watered-down’ version that has since been slammed by British Jewish leaders as a clear attempt at leaving loopholes for anti-Jewish ideologies to thrive.

A local Labour Councillor Shabina Qayyum was also exposed this year as having tagged a holocaust-denier in her social media campaign posts as well as being questioned by Police over an allegation made by an elderly member of the public that she had aggressively attempted to steal the pensioner’s postal vote.

Click the video above to watch the shocking footage in full.



  1. Nicholas Wilkinson

    July 22, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    What have we let in to our country?

  2. JB

    July 22, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    When a Jewish guy at a demonstration is arrested for harassing a Muslim by standing in front of her & no arrests are made here, one needs to ask if the police are aware of the adoption of the definition of antisemitism & why they are not enforcing it!

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