WE’VE GOT A WEE PROBLEM: Sturgeon Humiliated Over Revelation Independent Scotland Would NOT Pass EU Membership Test

LATEST figures have revealed that due to it’s deficit, an independent Scotland would be ineligible to join the European Union – dispelling SNP claims of the country being able to survive outside the UK with support from EU membership.

To be considered for EU membership, applicant states must have a deficit no higher than three percent. Latest figures however show that Scotland’s deficit now stands at just over seven percent and is rising.

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Sturgeon has long been staunchly pro-EU – despite clearly not understanding even the basics of how it operates.

Even if Scottish voters were to vote for independence, the country – by the EU’s own strict rules – would not be allowed to join; a clear smack to the face for the SNP’s relentless campaign which of late has focused heavily on mopping-up pro-remain voters by exploiting their futile desire to continue being a member of the EU.

The GDP quarterly national accounts for Scotland’s figures compiled by the Scottish government, however, clearly demonstrate that this isn’t currently possible, with Scotland’s national deficit of £12.6billion having risen to 7.2 percent GDP – over double the maximum allowed to apply to be a member.

One expert said: “The lack of analysis by ministers of the important revisions to Scottish economic data is worrying, if not entirely unexpected.

“A five billion pound — almost three percent — downwards revision in Scottish GDP has important implications for judging Scotland’s economic and fiscal standing, especially in terms of independence or full fiscal autonomy.”

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EU flags have begun appearing more frequently in pro-independence rallies in response to Nicola Sturgeon’s flawed message of Scotland continuing to be a member should it vote to leave the UK.

The First Minister was also mocked on the Jeremy Vine show, were Mike Parry insisted Scotland highlighted the deficit problem as one of the reasons Scotland could not survive economically on its own.

Mr Parry told the panel: “The one question that nobody can ever answer for me is, ‘If Scotland ever go on their own, here are they going to get all their money from?’

“Scotland don’t have any money” he added.

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